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We at Omicron Solutions can help you fill a single position, an entire department or outsource specific business processes. Regardless of the size of your organization and if needs are small or large.

Benefits of Offshore Staffing:

Lower staffing costs significantly
Allows immediate staffing modifications in response to your changing needs
Reduce administrative workload of payroll and benefits
Eliminates recruiting expenses
Why consider offshore staffing?

There’s really only one reason to consider hiring a staff member cost. Generally you can expect to pay about half of what you would pay for a similarly qualified staff member in the United States. You can either choose to save 50% of your investment, or hire twice as many people for the same investment.


The potential for savings of this kind to positively impact your business is huge. If your business is like most, then your biggest single fixed cost is staff. Every other normal business expense probably pales in comparison to payroll. Anything that allows you to get the same amount of work done with a smaller payroll is a very good thing.


Offshore Outsourcing - A Strategic Initiative

In a globalized service economy, offshore outsourcing is no more an option but a business necessity. With offshore outsourcing you not only lower costs but transform your business by enhancing productivity and performance levels to gain the competitive edge in the marketplace. With a clear understanding of immediate objectives and long-term goals and planned implementation offshoring can deliver significant strategic business value over time.

Businesses with a proper offshoring strategy and the right outsourcing partner can reap substantial rewards, as many have already discovered. In today's challenging economic environment offshore outsourcing is even more strategic than ever before, by which you can be competitive while surviving the challenging market conditions.



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