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U.S. Business Turns to Mexico's Growing IT Industry as Nearshore Outsourcing and Investment Option.

MEXICO CITY, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- An increasing number of U.S. companies are discovering the benefits, quality and bottom-line efficiencies of Mexico's true nearshore information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Ranked by the United Nations as the strongest Latin American country in technological achievement, Mexico is experiencing rapid growth as a global IT player. To encourage that growth, the country's industry, supported by the Ministry of Economy, has launched MexicoIT -- an initiative to broaden awareness of and enhance the competitive advantage among Mexico's technology companies.


MexicoIT supports an aggressive agenda to maintain global quality standards, support technology education, encourage investment and promote Mexican IT services and partnerships to U.S. and global businesses. MexicoIT is supported by the Ministry of Economy and executed by Mexico's National Chamber of the Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Industry (CANIETI).

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Financial Industry Turns to Outsourcing Firms to Control Costs, Maintain Customer Service

Sanjeev Sinha - 01/May/2009


The volatility in the banking and financial sectors shows no sign of abating. Executives charged with managing operations and customer retention will look to BPO providers to help them negotiate and succeed.

With the banking and financial industries in turmoil, institutions are turning to mergers, acquisitions and other transactions as a way to stay afloat. Those deals, however, come with their own hurdles for the institutions involved. The bottom line is that institutions must accomplish a massive integration without disrupting service or damaging customer relationships.

Financial institutions also struggle with meeting expectations. As a way to justify and "sell" the transaction, most entities promise shareholders and regulators that they will achieve significant cost savings. In some cases, those predictions are made with incomplete knowledge of the full operational, managerial and financial realities of the situation. This increases pressure to realize savings according to a strict timeline even as competing agendas, multiple projects and clashing workforces limit progress.

Against this backdrop, banks are turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to help maximize efficiency, lower costs and preserve the customer experience. Many are finding that BPO providers, with their defined focus and expertise in streamlining processes, can help bring order to the inevitable disorder that results from mergers and acquisitions. This also allows institutions to concentrate on navigating this environment by focusing on business issues such as raising capital, quantifying exposure to bad debt, evaluating the mix of services, assessing geographical spread and redefining core areas of focus.

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